Businesses grow when business owners make the right decisions. A decade ago people lacked information to help them make decisions. Today, there is too much information. Ricky FM Law helps clients separate the signals from the noise to make the right business decisions, without regrets.

 Betty Ashman, author of the book “Make It Happen”, is a long-time client. She has this desire to help entrepreneurs succeed in business, like herself. Read on to see her special offer to you.

 Not every successful businessman knows how to pass on knowledge. I do. I had taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for over 10 years. I can resonate with the ups and downs of entrepreneurs as I had been one before. I founded an advertising agency in Hong Kong and ran it for 10 years until the financial crisis hit us. After working for a Fortune 100 company managing communications for the Asia Pacific region, I can guide business owners on how to leverage corporate management systems and processes. With this transformation, they are more realistic and in better control on setting directions to achieve sustainable growth.

Start-ups, social enterprises and SMEs are increasing in numbers.  The business owners have a passion and drive to make a difference in the world. Yet they need help on managing and expanding a business. I have seen too many stressed and burnt-out faces.

This is where I step in to help. I am a business coach for entrepreneurs, helping them to:

  • Quantity thoughts with facts and data. (“Thanks Ricky. I am clear on what I should do next” is a common compliment.)
  • Disrupt pre-conceptions. Expand options. (“I have not thought about that before, thank you” is another remark I often hear.)
  • Arrive at a strategic decision and a realistic action plan, on-and off-line.

What makes me excited to work with entrepreneurs?

Continuous growth and non-stop inspirations. In business coaching, we grow with our clients every time we meet. New issues, new challenges, new obstacles … leading to new insights, new perspectives and new approaches to solutions. The issues may be similar in nature, however, no two conversations and solutions are the same, since we are dealing with different business owners, who exhibit unique personalities and pursue distinctive metrics of achievements.

During every meeting I get new inspirations, challenging me to think wide and deep to come up with creative solutions. Whenever clients mention a name, a book, an article or a news item, I shall look them up and learn. Not only am I closer to my clients on reading what they read, this continuous exposure to collective wisdom also inspires me from all angles.

What makes entrepreneurs work with me?

Three of the entrepreneurs featured on Asian Entrepreneur magazine are my clients. They are Xania Wong, Betty Ashman and Zhen Hoe Yong.

Please check out who they are. You will see the wide variety of people I am coaching over a wide range of businesses.

I focus on entrepreneurs. They need an adviser to help them clarify their thoughts and directions. A challenger to free them from unconscious bias to make the right business decisions. And a listener to render support, understanding and feedback along their entrepreneurial journey.

When an entrepreneur is clear about the business direction, leverages facts and data for making business decisions with less bias and assumptions, and has an adviser, a challenger and a listener to accompany him/her to tread on the entrepreneurial journey, the chance to succeed will be much higher.

A special offer from Betty Ashman

To help people Make It Happen, for serious and sincere entrepreneurs who need help in growing their business, Betty is offering a complimentary one-hour coaching session with Ricky FM Law at her cost. There is a catch though. You need to buy coffee.

Now that you know about me, to ensure a productive session when we meet, I want to know more about you and what you’re looking for.

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Thank you Betty for your contribution in supporting entrepreneurship.